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      I am Amin a self-employed software engineer and developer. I deliver applications for small, large and enterprise companies and businesses. My works are focusing on Java programming and web design using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript beside that a little bit PHP and Python. I am fan of music and photography, a guitar player who has a passion on performing and writing music.
      I have got a bachelor's degree in Computing, Software Engineering and I would like to share my skills and experiences through this website. For any work enquiries please drop me a message here and I will get back to you as soon as possible

    • Projects

      1. Tarbiat Modarres University Structures Lab
      2. Tarbiat Modarres University Structures Lab, a Wordpress powered project with minor front-end costomizations

      3. Sadsotun Equipment Expansion Company (Tajhizate Golkhane)
      4. The Company provides and installs equipments for industrial greenhouses

      5. A Concurrent ATM Simulator
      6. A Java Multi-Threading Project

      7. A Decision Support System To Recruit Lecturers
      8. A Fuzzy Sets based DSS for APU(Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation) which is my BSc final year project. This project is developed to provide a user friendly system for selection of qualified academic staffs in APU. The candidates either send their applications directly or through some agencies. Based on academic criteria the candidates are evaluated and most appropriate person is selected. Usually the attributes are qualitative hence the process of decision making becomes complex and there is no guarantee that the outcome of the decision is the preferred candidate. Therefore using fuzzy system, a decision support system (DSS) is developed to help the decision maker to select the best possible candidate in the existence of multiple and conflicting attributes with quantitative and qualitative information. The system is capable to consider the preference structure of the decision maker with qualitative terms.

      9. iCook
      10. An Android cookbook application for Persian foods

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